Illinois State Board of Education’s Elementary and Secondary
Education Act Flexibility Waiver Stakeholder Meeting


Student proficiency percentages headline newspaper articles; anchor school, district, and state report cards; drive policy research; and justify high-stakes interpretations of school and state educational progress. There is just one problem: They are incomplete and may be deeply misleading about gaps and trends. These unpredictable effects are difficult—but not impossible—to correct.

This one-day presentation and workshop will change the way you think about the reporting of student achievement, especially about the most important large-scale inferences: educational improvements over time (trends) and progress toward equity in educational opportunity (gaps).

This event is sponsored by REL Midwest and the Institute of Education Sciences and features Andrew Ho, Ph.D., of the University of Iowa. Dr. Ho’s research explores interactions between educational statistics and educational policies, including the consequences of proficiency-based accountability metrics, the validation of high-stakes test score trends with low-stakes comparisons, and the potential for alternative accountability structures, such as growth models and index systems, to improve school and classroom incentives.

Dr. Ho holds a Ph.D. in educational psychology and an M.S. in statistics from Stanford University. His early work was honored with dissertation awards from the American Educational Research Association, the National Council on Measurement in Education, and The Spencer Foundation. His current work is funded by grants from The Spencer Foundation and the Institute of Education Sciences. Dr. Ho has won the Stanford University Walter J. Gores Award for excellence in teaching.

Who Should Attend

The event is designed for anyone who regularly works with or communicates about student achievement, including legislative and executive branch policymakers, policy analysts, journalists, school administrators, educators, researchers, and the general public. The event targets educational leaders and data users in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin—the states that make up REL Midwest’s service region. Interested persons from outside this region are welcome to attend, although their lodging and travel costs will not be reimbursed. Register now because space is limited.

Event Information

This engaging and stimulating event includes presentations by Dr. Ho, group discussions of proficiency rate interpretations, and an opportunity to apply Dr. Ho’s recommendations to performance data reported by the seven Midwestern states.

Meeting materials and resources

Following is a variety of resources and materials about Dr. Ho’s research and expertise: